Sample Assignments

 Top-Shelf Topic Investigation

A checklist to help students assess the viability of the topic they have chosen

Joining the Conversation

Asks students to enter the formal scholarly conversation taking place around a shared topic

Textual Conversation

Instructs students to compose a dialogue between selected course texts; includes an example dialogue

Analysis Essay

Invites thorough rhetorical analysis of the covers of popular magazines

Argument Essay

Combines analysis and argument; directs students to make an argument about how a specific text impacts cultural behaviors and beliefs; includes written and digital components

Sustained Research Essay

A 10-12 page sustained researched essay with a separate annotated bibliography that historicizes and analyzes a social phenomenon or a tradition created or enhanced by consumer media from varying perspectives

Research Assignments

A series of five assignments designed to familiarize students with various processes of writing a researched essay

Rhetorics of Citation Systems

Students are asked to research and report on the history of the citation system used in their prospective fields and to assess the reasons behind disciplines’ decision to use one system over another

Identity Shapers

Asks students to compose an essay that attempts to explore the formation of certain parts of their identity through the rhetorical analysis of one or more fictional characters from television, film, commercials, the radio, billboards, the internet, comic books or magazines, or music

University Student Assessment

Asks students to write an essay that attempts to explore the formation of their beliefs and expectations about the university experience through a critical analysis of several examples from television, film, commercials, the radio, billboards, the internet, comic books or magazines, music, or any other commercial medium.

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