Summer 2010

Tech Camp 2010

  • Daily blogging
  • Learning and utilizing social networks
  • Training in various electronic applications
  • Digital composition in the writing curriculum
  • Collaborative electronic database creation
  • Generated assignments and aggregated participant info

CCR 731: Independent Study in Ancient Rhetoric with Collin Brooke

  • Summary and response to course readings
  • Online database building
  • Connections to teaching and scholarship

Spring 2010

CCR 760 Technical Communication in the Digital Age with Krista Kennedy

  • Planned and lead 2 class sessions
  • Produced extensive digital annotated bibliography
  • Collaborative electronic database creation
  • Mock conference presentation
  • Seminar Paper: “Identity Construction and Information Management through Status Updates on Facebook”

CCR 711: Advanced Theory and Philosophy of Rhetoric with Lois Agnew

  • Planned and lead 2 class sessions
  • Produced annotated bibliography
  • Informal presentation of research
  • Seminar Paper: “Political Engagement in ‘the New Public Sphere’: an examination of ‘the people’s’ participation in the 2008 presidential election through status updates on Facebook”

Autumn 2009

CCR 751 Social Histories of Rhetoric with Adam Banks

  • Weekly responses to readings
  • Digital HomePlace Narrative
  • Textual Remix
  • Extensive practice in digital composing
  • Planned and lead 2 class sessions
  • Portfolio: ‘”The remix in effect: building and blending feminist theories in race and representation”, comprehensive collection of relevant analyses, summaries and annotations, and citations, 72 pages

CCR 691 Comparative Processes and Premises of Research with Eileen Schell

  • Planned and organized colloquium on research methods
  • Analyzed and reported on a research area in the Field
  • produced annotated bib
  • Group-based blogging and responding
  • Planned and lead 2 class sessions
  • mock conference presentation
  • Portfolio: “Gender, Technology, and Performance in Digital Spaces”, comprehensive collection of relevant analyses, summaries and annotations, and citations, 119 pages

Summer 2009

DMAC: Digital Media and Composition at The Ohio State University

  • Heuristics for Digital Composition: PSA, Concept in 60; SophieBook

CCR 690 Independent Study in Feminist Social Histories with Gwen Pough

  • Exploratory Seminar Paper: “Occupying Feminine Subjectivity in Theory and Practice.”
  • Continued focus on Engagement Narratives with a specific look at The Rhetoric of the Ultimatum

Spring 2009

CCR 611 Development of Modern Composition Studies with Collin Brooke

  • Mapping the Discipline
  • Collaborative electronic database creation
  • Final Examination essay: “Feminist Practices: Disruption in Pedagogy, Theory, and Research in the Discipline(s) of Rhetoric and Composition”

CCR 732 Writing Curriculum and Pedagogy with Steve Parks

  • Mapping the Discipline; Recollection of a “Teaching Moment”
  • Seminar Paper: “Towards a More Integrated Approach to Graduate Teaching Assistant ‘Practica’”

CCR 760 Writing Program Administration with Louise Wetherbee Phelps

  • WPA Shadowing Project
  • Creating and Implementing the Writing Major
  • Analysis of a Specialization in the Field
  • Project Proposal for Topic Exploration: “In a Family Way: Protection Rhetoric and the WPA”
  • Portfolio: comprehensive collection of course assignments, ideas, and relevant citations, 66 pages

Autumn 2008

CCR 601 Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric with Margaret Himley

  • Book Review
  • Mapping the Field
  • Interview of a Faculty Member
  • Course Reflection

CCR 631 20th Century Rhetorical Studies with Iswari Pandey

  • Book Review
  • Collection of research data-set
  • Norming data for research purposes
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Identity Construction on Facebook project was born

CCR 760 Feminist Rhetorics with Gwen Pough

  • Weekly responses to readings
  • Investigation into Wedding Rhetorics and Engagement Narratives
  • Seminar Paper: “Ring-A-Ding-Ding: Symbolic Devotion and its Place in the Tradition of Consumer Culture”
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